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Below are some excerpts from testimonials that have been sent to us about our work:

I write this letter as a reference to the quality of their work and the professionalism shown by RIPSAW. You can trust th eowners and any of their employees in your home. Tjhey were timely, courteous, and showed respect for our home. They did great work, cleaned up at the end and removed all old flooring, cabinets, trash, etc. from our property.

I highly recommend RIPSAW Contractors to any home or buisiness. You will be pleased with the outcome.

- Raymond

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for "Ripsaw Contracting". They have done several repair/remodeling jobs at our house, and we have been very pleased with the finished products. They were very professional and honest, and shared ideas with us of how we could improve certain areas.

They cleaned up so well you couldn't even tell they had been there! Their time estimate was accurate, although we did add a few things to the list that took a few extra days...and they didn't have a problem with the extras at all!

- Bob